3D-Guided Dental Implants &
Dentures in Our Montgomeryville Location

Dr. Beth Skovron and the Heritage Dental team employ the latest technology from GALILEOS to get as much information as possible for the ideal placement of implants to support either single teeth or full arch dentistry.

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3D Cone Beam Imaging

GALILEOS is the absolute state-of-the-art in dental imaging, and we are proud to offer our Heritage Dental patients this technology in Montgomeryville, PA. One 14-second scan will result in a complete 3D representation that shows a patient’s teeth, bone structure, and anatomical features such as nerves and sinuses. With Galileos, Dr. Skovron is able to analyze 3D displays in perfect image quality which enables clear navigation and diagnosis.

For patients looking to replace teeth, this technology is absolutely phenomenal as we are now able to perform “virtual implant placement” in advance of actual implant placement. This means the complete elimination of guesswork when placing implants. This offers an incredible advantage of being able to very precisely plan for safe and exact anatomic implant placement by creating a 3D-printed implant placement guide. This allows for easier, less invasive implant placement and a much better patient experience! The Galileos 3D imaging provides diagnostically significant findings for all dental indications allowing less waiting time, quicker treatment, and treatment security.

Signature 3D-Guided Restorations

Our 3D imaging system and planning tools will help you get the finest outcome available for your restoration whether it’s a single-tooth implant, bridge, or a full-arch replacement for a patient with no teeth on either the upper or lower arch. The precision and care our team provides will ensure your new teeth last for life!

Implant Dentures

Tooth loss in any amount changes your oral function and often your physical appearance. But the loss of multiple or all the teeth on your upper or lower jaw (full arch) of teeth has a deeper impact, also affecting your self-confidence, general well-being, and lifestyle. For some patients, traditional dentures may be a viable option. But a growing number of others are turning to the permanence of implant-supported dentures for tooth replacement.

These types of dentures are anchored to the jaw by the strategic placement of two or more dental implants, and soundly blend the stability of implant technology with the convenience of denture appliances. If you have multiple failing or missing teeth, getting a personalized consultation with Dr. Beth Skovron can help you decide if a fixed denture would best meet your tooth replacement needs and smile goals!

Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth

Dental implants By Dr. Skovron are a permanent, natural-looking solution to replace a missing tooth. Dental implants bond directly to the jawbone by attaching a titanium post and connector to create a sturdy base for the crown. Dental implants at Heritage Dental are an excellent solution for those who want to improve their smiles while allowing the lifestyle you’re accustomed to – confidently smile, laugh, and eat what you want.

Dental Implant Benefits

  • Permanently mounted to the jaw
  • The implant replaces a tooth root and helps retain bone health
  • Tooth care is exactly the same as with a natural tooth
  • Restore your chewing ability so you can eat what you want
  • Implants look and act like natural teeth
  • Designed to last a lifetime with proper care
  • Can be used to affix dentures or custom full-arch restorations